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Today’s offices are very different than our fathers businesses.  We have to field more calls, handle customers more effectively as consumers have very high expectations of our businesses.   Therefore you wonder how do you select a phone system?  You see great deals online of systems for a few thousand and they look great but are they?  This is the struggle of today’s business you understand business communication but will the more important part of that – Your office phone system be reliable, dependable and of course affordable.


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What are the differences in IP telephone Systems ?


Answer:  From  Luke R. Atlantic Business Systems

There are so many options and features that vary from platform to platform from as simple as “Ease of Use”, to “Mobility”  that to give a generic answer is foolish to be honest.

However, when you speak to a National provider like Atlantic Business systems you get options, no trying to fit the Square Cube in the round hole.  We will offer you many affordable options designed and scaled to your specific needs and wants.


Select from:  Onsite telephone systems often called premise to Cloud Telephone systems each having hundreds of variations available. You truly need to investigate your situation and what works best for your office phone system.



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September 23, 2017