Avaya Phone Rings Once Can not pickup

Avaya Issue: “Telephone Rings but calls disappear” or “get disconnected”

“Why Can’t I answer my Avaya Partner phone?”

Common Issues for this:

Check the following:

CHECK:  Is there any displayed information on your Avaya Phone?

NO DISPLAY on screen

Answer:  If there is NO display and you can not hear a dial tone on the line the system is likely offline (dead). You should contact support for more troubleshooting. DO NOT UNPLUG the phone system without a telecom professional guiding you.

If you have these symptoms:

a) Has dial tone (Yes)

b) LIne Flashes but so fast you can barely pick it up or not at all.  (Caller May get – Sorry voicemail not setup – and hangs up on them) (Yes)

c) Can make outbound calls (Yes)

d) Did your site lose power or have a surge? (Yes)


Based on the following it is likely your system lost programming and has defaulted to installation basics.  Thus you will need an Avaya Technician who can Reprogram your system to function as it did.  It could be caused by loss of Power



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Avaya “Avaya phone rings but can not pick it up”

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*** STOP ****– Programming Issue and/ or internal error!

Avoid Additional Damage 

Call – Atlantic Business System we are  –  Avaya Partner Authorized Technicians 

This is a serious alert to you that your system is failed/down and you require an immediate service call by a qualified telephone technician to get your system returned to working order.  A telephone technician may be able to give you a temporary workaround. ( CALL Avaya Service provider)



NOTICE:  This is a serious issue

Avaya Partner

Avaya Partner Models

  • Lucent Partner
  • Avaya Partner
  • Avaya Partner ACS
  • Avaya Partner 509
  • Avaya Partner 308
  • Lucent
This also applies to:

“Lucent phone rings but can not pick up the call”


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December 1, 2020